Social Responsibility

GO1 IVT functions in such a way that both we and our children and grandchildren have the opportunity to follow the traditions of the PJSTC ''Ilyichevskvneshtrans''. Our company has become not just a workplace but also a link between generations. Our goal is to make each employee feel comfortable at his or her workplace. In our opinion, job must provide both material values and psychic income.

That is why the optimistic psychological climate inside the company and confidence in the future are nothing else than confirmation of the deep social responsibility of the PJSTC ''Ilyichevskvneshtrans''.

We provide our employees with:

● a collective labor agreement;

● vacations with pay (sometimes additional);

● amenity spaces;

● checking and regulation of work harmfulness;

● programmes of the veteran support;

● work clothes;

● recreation centers;

● dacha co-operatives (shipping community “Mercury”, a bus free for the IVT employees each Saturday);

● incentive premiums;

● support of the volunteer fire fighter brigade;

● monitoring the personnel's health level and living conditions;

● leisure and health improvement for our employees' children;

● social care for schools and families with dependent children.

For life and prosperity have we built up our company!