Tasks and Purposes

The PJSTC 'Ilyichevskvneshtrans' is a pioneer in many fields, such as logistics, freight forwarding, shipping business etc. For example, in 2003 we were the first Ukrainian company to build up a customs controlled area. Nevertheless, IVT isn't going to rest on its laurels. Purposes and tasks of the company are as follows:

● upgrade of the machinery assets: processes mechanization, upgrade of facilities and technologies;

● constant work upon the company's rating in the field of transport, transportation and logistics;

● work in the World Wide Web and promotion of the professional service in the transport infrastructure of Ukraine;

● nurturance of a decent young generation of skilled personnel for the company's further prosperity;

● development of motor trucking and freight forwarding;

● development of carriage of goods by rail and freight forwarding;

● management of container shipping and chartering;

● establishment of new relationships and common projects with the Sea Port of Ilyichevsk;

● development of the concept of the railway lines expansion and road traffic routes to the Sea Port of Ilyichevsk;

● construction of a container terminal with an upgraded loading crane RTG, which will make it possible to increase the overall production of IVT;

● reprofiling of the storage facilities;

● looking for new contacts and partners.