Freight Forwarding

F Services associated with organization of transportation and/or transportation of cargoes, i.e. cargo forwarding, are one of the main services rendered by the PJSTC ''Ilyichevskvneshtrans''.

The freight forwarding market is divided into several sections:

● cargo transportation;

● stevedore section, i.e. accomplishment of loading and unloading works;

● tally man section, i.e. selling of services upon tallying cargo;

● warehousing, i.e selling of services upon storing cargo.

The company renders different small accompanying services such as repairment of cargo containers and packaging.

The PJSTC ''Ilyichevskvneshtrans'' is nowadays one of the most influential representatives of the freight forwarding business in Ukraine.

As an international freight forwarder, the PJSTC “IVT”delivers the foreign trade cargoes of its clients to different countries of the world by means of the most advantageous and appropriate logistic chains from the point of view of price and time.

The PJSTC ''Ilyichevskvneshtrans'' has reach material and technical basis, and is capable of organizing and fulfilling multimodal freight transportation of any difficulty and rendering any necessary services.

Rendering of great variety of services puts IVT upon the same level with the most in-demand and high skilled specialists.

The customer disposes of considerable loss of time spent upon connecting parts of a logistic chain and recognition of terms of freight forwarding in traffic terminals, if he deals with such a big and reliable freight forwarding company like IVT.

When declaring a through rate and using a universal freight forwarding company, a serious cost cutting of transportation expenses may be reached due to combination of separate processes and complex calculation of the transportation cost.

If a client sequentially refers to a railway forwarding company, a stevedoring company, a shipowner's agent etc., he gets average going rate for some period of time. In case of collaboration with the The PJSTC ''Ilyichevskvneshtrans'', those rates will be summarized and provided with great reductions and long period of validity.

Thus, actual practice verifies advantages of collaboration with a universal freight forwarding company both for the customer and the company.