Custom Services

TC The PJSTC ''Ilyichevskvneshtrans'' is a customs broker and has a corresponding License (№ 50200/003БМ-00310 dated 21.08.1997).

Customs clearing is conducted within the common customs policy of Ukraine and applicable customs legislation of Ukraine and is based upon stipulations of the Customs Code of Ukraine and other pieces of legislation of Ukraine and statutory documents of the State Customs Committee of Ukraine.

Special aspects of cargo transportation under the customs control cause a number of difficulties during unassisted preparation of the forwarding documentation. The IVT's professionals are ready to give any assistance in preparation of the forwarding documentation.

Reach working experience in the field of customs registration and the company's well-qualified personnel make it possible to provide full cargo clearance service:

● registration and accommodation of the custom cargo in the temporary storage warehouses and in the customs-licensed warehouse;

● broker services for the participants of foreign economic activities;

● reproduction of the documents and their digital equivalents needed for custom procedures;

● preparation of documents for cargo custom declaration processing;

● declaring of cargo;

● accomplishment of any actions necessary for customs registration and control as an empowered body towards the declared cargo;

● securing of the custom and other payment as provided for by the Customs Legislation of Ukraine concerning the cargo declared;

● services for completion of customs formalities,registration and precedence in the custom departments;

● representing the client in the Custom Service;

● classification of cargo in accordance with the FEACN;

● calculation of customs charges;

● reference information about rates of customs duties.

High qualification of the company's employees allows to perform customs registration in the shortest possible time regardless the way of cargo transportation ( by sea, over the road or by rail).

In turn, vast quantities and large variety of processing cargo provide a high professional form of the company's employees.

The PJSTC ''Ilyichevskvneshtrans'' constantly improves its service so it could fully correspond to the high standards of quality and the client's needs.