Marine Transport Operations

sIn the process of organizing multimodal and international container shipment, the PJSTC ''Ilyichevskvneshtrans'' renders services associated with cargo carriage by sea-going vessels including:

● transloading in the port (stevedore works, accumulating and storing cargo, surveyor services etc.);

● immediate carriage of freights by sea, among other things – freight searching and booking.

The PJSTC “IVT” performs the following activities via the Sea Port of Ilyichevsk:

● cargo reception, work with land transport equipment;

● unloading on the level track section or in the storage building;

● storage, stocking and container operations;

● cargo transportation to the freight frontage;

● loading/unloading of watercraft;

● additional cargo handling (stowing, separation, fastening, fumigation, determination of quantity etc.);

● accomplishment of relevant documentation (goods received notes, manifests, cargo plans, withdrawal instructions, general bills of lading etc.);

● agent’s services of watercraft.

There are stevedore, surveyor, freight booking and other companies in the port for accomplishing all those kinds of work. Since the PJSTC “IVT” is involved in cargo handling in the port and its further carriage by sea, acts as a cargo owner's representative and serves his interests, it sets itself a task to adjust accurately all the actions of the transshipment process members.

The PJSTC “IVT” concluded a full-scale agreement with the Sea Port of Ilyichevsk, which affords an opportunity of the top-priority transloading of the cargo proceeding from our storage buildings without any actual limitation of shipment intensity within 24 hours, and guaranties observing of the highest vessel-hour terms mentioned in the charter-party. It is possible to fulfill simultaneous break bulk loading of several vessels and at least one full-container ship of the regular line if necessary.

The PJSTC ''Ilyichevskvneshtrans'' can act both as a shipper and a shipping broker while organizing the cargo carriage by sea-going vessels. While the capability of cargo storage and transloading in a port is dependent mostly on the availability of disposable storage spaces for simultaneous storing of a certain kind of cargo, seacraft booking conforms to the specific conditions of the world booking market.

The booking market is determined by availability of free shipping space in the certain period of time, location of seacraft, cargo readiness for transportation, partially by variation of comburent prices and affected by other commercial price forming conditions.

Market presence of different representatives of a cargo owner is also of no little interest. This circumstance establishes severe competition with the involvement of shipowners. Feverish and unenforced with cargo availability demand of seacraft appears which finally leads to the increase of the seacraft booking level.

We should not forget the fact that at the initial stage of negotiations the freight rate only determines readiness of the participants to accomplish cargo carriage by sea-going vessels and is a concept of a freight rate, that is why it may vary insignificantly during preparation for the cargo carriage by sea-going vessels until securing the seacraft by completion of the charter-party and final agreeing of the freight rate.

In the process of cargo carriage by sea-going vessels we provide:

● organization of the whole process of cargo delivering door-to-door;

● determination and calculation of the best transport schedules;

● container shipping in all directions;

● meeting of delivery deadlines;

● the assured carrier's liability;

● monitoring containers en route and delivering information about cargo's location;

● consolidation of small stores from different consignors in one container for one cargo receiver;

● redirection of cargo en route.