Trucking Activities

T Forwarding service of all kinds of cargo by over-the-road truck transport between the countries of the CIS, Baltics, Western, Central and Eastern Europe, any region of Russia is one of the primary service of the PJSTC ''Ilyichevskvneshtrans''.

IVT's own transport as well as that of the subsidiary “IVT Avto” and the company's partners is involved in transportations.

Transportations from Ukraine to Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Kazakhstan, Russia and Turkey are main directions of the trucking activities.

By order of the Ukrainian Customs Service No. 146 dated 03.03.2005 the CJSC ''Ilyichevskvneshtrans'' was granted a license No. AA 784507 for intermediary activity of a custom conveyancer.

The most influential Ukrainian, Russian and European freight forwarding companies are our company's main partners.

After careful inspection of Your cargo requirements the PJSTC ''Ilyichevskvneshtrans'' professional employees develop an optimal route and propose punctual delivery at the reasonable price with due account for all peculiarities of the international legislation.


● organization of cargo delivery door-to-door by means of different kinds of rolling stock (tilt-covered, open trucks). The transport operator responsibility is insured (CMR insurance), additional insurance of cargo for the period of transportation is also possible.

● Organization of carriage of space consuming and heavy-weight cargo with the assistance of purpose-designed rolling stock, professional loading/unloading consultants and getting all necessary approvals in all transit territories.

● advice of availability of transportation of certain kinds of cargo and necessity of getting permissions for import/export/transit;

● transportation of custom cargo without submission of guarantee to custom authorities from the Customer (under custom conveyancer's licence or by means of carnet TIR).

Trucks equipped with tent-covered full trailers and semi-trailers have specific devices for securing cargo (belts, crosswalls, film, packing tape).


● face-to-face work of the freight forwarder and the client;

● mobile communication and immediate information about location of the trucks with cargo;

● tracking of the truck's traffic en route;

● flexible approach to the work with the client in the field of agreeing terms and conditions and discounting;

● a wide partnership network in the whole region of service, which provides efficient solving of any tasks and problems;

● existing system of staff training. Only competent and specially trained employees gain access to the work;

● many years' working experience in the field of organization of international trucking activities;

● regular customers are granted discounts.