Warehousing Services. Transshipping Complex.


The warehouse facilities of the PJSTC ''Ilyichevskvneshtrans'' have all necessary conditions for your cargo's processing:

● own approach lines for simultaneous admission of approximately one hundred wagons;

● roofed elevated approaches about 740 linear meters in length for unloading wagons in any weather conditions;

● a transshipping complex with a capacity of 3500 of TEU with operation area for stuffing and unstuffing of containers;

● warehousing spaces 120000 m2 in area, including covered warehouse spaces (50000m2) and open warehouse spaces (70000 m2);

● a customs-licensed warehouse 15500m2 in area (License No. 50000/078СВ - 00783 dated 30.07.02);

● a warehouse for temporary storage (License No. 50000001В dated 17.01.2004);

The warehousing facilities have all necessary loading equipment, automatic systems for alerting and fire fighting, fire plugs and fire ponds. The security monitoring systems and observation systems ensure the cargo's safety.

We have successfully transferred all kinds of cargo by means of modern loading equipment, which makes it possible to perform all sorts of loading and unloading works.

In our warehouses we organize and perform admission, accumulation and storing and completing of ship-board and wagon lots and small consignments, ware sunlighting, packing, pre-sale preparation of foreign trade cargo including sorting, packing, labeling etc.